The Beginner’s Guide To Central Heating

As the heating season approaches, it’s important to understand the aspects of your heating system, especially if you are living in a building that uses central heating. Central heating is one of the safest, easiest, and most practical alternatives of heating systems currently available in Hungary. It’s also much more environmentally conscious than gas heating.


How to use your central heating?

First of all, if you do not stay in the flat for a while, it is advised to turn your thermostat to the „snowflake” or the number 1 setting. It will keep the place between 6 to 12 degrees Celsius, which prevents freezing temperatures that could possibly damage the property and it’s equipment, but also isn’t consuming a lot of heat.

If you’re in the flat, you can set your radiator depending on your preferred heating conditions. As a rule of thumb, it’s advised to keep your thermostat at setting number 3. That will keep the place at a stable 20 degrees Celsius. Setting number 4 provides 24 degrees Celsius.

If you’d like to keep the place at a comfortable temperature while being economical, you will want to leave the thermostat at number 3 or 3,5, avoiding turning it down while you’re not at home during the day and turning it back when you arrive. Once the area reaches the desired temperature, the radiators will cool down. If you notice any disorderly behavior of your radiator, you should notify your landlord immediately.


How does the provider bill you for central heating?


Unlike the dictating system, where you must register your monthly meter reading with the provider, such as used at the electricity or gas companies, when it comes to central heat, there is only one meter reading a year. Keep in mind, that central heating also includes your hot water usage.

Once the provider has read your meter, they will send you your monthly bills in the beginning of each month, based on the average usage of the previous year. This can sometimes be frustrating, if you are new at your flat, and your usage is much less than the previous tenant’s. When it comes to hot water usage, you can call the provider and ask them to lower the cubic meters accounted for. However, if you do that, keep in mind, that at the end of the cycle, they will charge you the difference of your actual usage and what they have billed you for.

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