Guideline for first renters

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Whatever the reasons of moving, it is always our goal to find not just the most suitable accommodation, but the perfect HOME FOR YOU. In the followings we would like to share some information that can be helpful to make the best decision:


What are the current rental fees ? What kind of expenses can you expect? Advantages and disadvantages of a long term or short term contract?



When is the best time to check apartments according to your preferences.



Do you want to be close to your Campus? Or do you prefer to be around the restaurants and shops and downtown? Take the above mentioned into consideration when you choose your neighbourhood.


Good to know facts and tips about renting in Hungary

1, Our service

  • personal requirement survey
  • filtered offering of the available apartments
  • arranging and guiding apartment visits
  • mediating between clients
  • lease contract consultation
  • contract modification
  • all for free

2, About the rental fees

Our advertisements only includes the rental fee of the apartments, so the price you see not includes the bills of the apartment.
The prices are determined by the economics, real estate market, the location of the property, the size of it and the owners themselves. Currently the prices start usually at 80.000 HUF and can go up to 300.000 HUF.

3, Other expenses

Regarding to the accommodation you have to think about not only the rental fee, but the plus expenses that come with the apartment which are the following: bills for the water, the heating, the electricity and the Internet.
The above mentioned fees are not the same at every building, and flat. The prices depend on the type of the heating system, the lining and the structure of the building. The price of the internet depends on the service, the speed, and the package you choose.

How does it look in numbers?

  • rental fee is from 90.000HUF to 250.000HUF
  • general utilities are:
  • community fee (3000.-15.000. HUF/10-50Euros/ month) ,
  • water(550 HUF/ 1.8Euro m3   ),
  • electricity(52 HUF/0.16 Euro / KW),
  • heating - 2 major types, individual gas(150HUF/ 0.5 Euro/ m3), central heating(its usually an average price depending on
  • the building),
  • internet (starts from 3600HUF/12Euro/ month/ 30mbit - unlimited - ut to 12.000huf/40Euro/ month 500mbits unlimited data download)

The above mentioned numbers are average prices, can be different at each apartment.

4, About the lease in general

Lease contracts, in general, are for a determined period of time usually for one year. This is the time interval that is the most advised, as it is long enough for the parties to get to know each other, and decide whether would like to extend the lease or not.

When signing the contract usually you have to pay 2 month deposit and the first month rental fee in advance. However, before signing anything you will be informed about its details. 


When you should start the search to find the perfect home in time

1, Match the dates

Knowing when you want to move into the new apartment is vital at lease.

Generally, it is better to get in touch with the Agency one month before you want to move. This way you can ask informations about the current market, and prices and we can survey your needs.

Two weeks before the moving in you can start checking the apartments in person.

Why is it better for you?

If you start to look for an apartment earlier, you may have to pay a reservation fee or sign the lease contract and pay as you would live there. If you choose a suitable apartment, but do not want to pay any of the above mentioned we cannot guarantee the apartment will be available by the time you are ready to rent it.


Depending on what studies you are going to start, or what your interests are ( e.g. being close to the restaurants, and shopping malls) the following areas may suits your interest during making your decision.

Close to the University (Medical Campus)

Close to Kassai Campus (law and IT)

Close to Engineering Faculty

Close to Faculty of Agriculture

Close to Bem tér

Close to 1st and 2nd tramline

Close to Great Forest

Close to City Center

In the City Center



If you have any questions left do not hesitate to contact us, or visit us at our office, where our colleagues will be gladly at your service.????????

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