Let's help people in need together!


The Dorcas Ministries Foundation (
www.dorkasz.hu) is reacting to the horrible events taking place in our neighbouring Ukraine.
Greatforest Real Estate Agency Debrecen have been supporting Dorcas Ministries for several years now. 

We are looking for partners who will cooperate with Dorcas Ministries in helping those immigrants who were forced to flee their homes already due to the Russian invasion and have now arrived in our country. Hungary’s borders are open 24/7 and our desire is to help particularly the vulnerable: the weak, the young, the old and the sick.
You can join Dorcas Ministries cause via the following ways:


1.) Donating goods in kind

Visit our drop-points (https://jotekonyter.hu/collection.php) in Debrecen or bring your donations to your company if you have our collection boxes on site and bring some:

  • clothes
  • beddings
  • cleaning materials
  • food


Greatforest Real Estate Agency has been a drop point for donations , you can find us on the following address:

4032 Debrecen Komlóssy str 47 ground floor.

We can receive donations during weekdays 10-16. 

in case you could come on a weekend, please contact us in advance.



2.) Volunteering

Dorcas Ministries welcomes volunteers who can help with:

  • sorting donations
  • making packages
  • delivering donations
  • logistics (driving, transporting)
  • getting our campsite ready for the immigrants (collecting leaves, cleaning rooms, etc.)


3.) Donating money designated to help this particular crises

Your money can be used for two purposes

  1. helping the immigrants directly as they are on the road. Send donation with the comment: Ukraine

Dorcas Ministries are currently phoning immigrants and making a list of needs and data based on which we can help them along the way on the road. The cost of this activity is 5000 euro/month.

  1. supporting the renovation of Dorcas Ministries campsite. In this case, send donation with the comment: Accommodation

Dorcas Ministries a campsite near Debrecen with accommodation for 200 but the problem is that it is out of use due to outdated electrical system. Before Dorcas Ministries can host anyone here in a safe way, we need to make these renovations. The cost of this is 30 000 euros. When we are ready to have the immigrants the running costs of the accommodation and food will be around 200 euros/month/person.

Sending money from abroad:

Erste Bank: IBAN HU35-11993001-02300894



4.) Reaching out for refugees directly

Should you meet any refugees in person, please let them know that they can call Dorcas Ministries via these phone numbers:

+36 70 335 3312

+36 52 441 119

Dorcas Ministries staff will answer the calls, assess needs and try to help them with the next step. Dorcas Ministries aim is to help 200 families not only with a one-off donation but long term until they are safe and settled.


Please find Dorcas Ministries with any further questions about helping the immigrants in this crisis!



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