With great power comes great electricity bills

Surely, you’ve had times when, at the time of receiving your utility bills you looked at the charge and said:  this can’t be my bill. The provider must’ve miscalculated or sent you someone else’s bill. But is that so?

Below you’ll find a few tips and tricks to help you keep those charges at bay so you’ll see no surprises when you check your invoices.

  1. If on a cold winter day you turn your heaters up, but then it happens to become too warm in the flat, or you want to change the air, you’ll want to let some breeze in and open the window. Before you do that though, make sure to turn your radiators down. If it gets cool inside, close the window. Your neighbors don’t heat up your backyard, why would you?

  2. Many people think, that if they use electric heaters instead of their gas counterparts, they’ll be able to significantly cut their utility costs. That is partly true- you’ll be delighted when receiving your gas/heating bills. When it comes to electricity, however, you’ll find your bill to be remarkably higher. Electronic heating appliances are definitely a good idea, and they may be helpful in cutting costs, but just remember not to overuse them.

  3. Don’t forget to turn your lights off when you’re not using a certain area. Switch from regular lightbulbs to energy saving ones. These are usually fainter at first, but they quickly warm up, and provide just the same amount of light. If you want full brightness right away, use LED bulbs. These have a longer lifespan, and are much more economic. If you’re afraid of the dark, use subdued lights or maybe LED mood lightning. Trust us, a high electricity bill can be just as scary as a night spent in the dark.
  4. We know… after a long day of school or work, you want to get home and be cozy. You want to walk around on the freshly cleaned floor barefoot. And of course, you want to turn up the heat in the winter to keep up this idillic mood. However, if you pick up a hoodie and some trainers or maybe even a pair of socks, you can turn your heater a few degrees lower, which will help you save some money..and with that money, you can buy some really cozy socks! 
  5. One of the best ways to relax after a hard day is drawing a hot bath, turning on your favorite playlist, lighting a candle and spending some time there. Did you know though, that you’re using 3-4 times more water than you do at an average shower? Let these occasions be treats, not routine, and your water bills won’t be in the sky either. But you’re on the way to savings… the candle is a great idea! 
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