Guideline for first renters

Whatever the reasons of moving, it is always our goal to find not just the most suitable accommodation, but the perfect HOME FOR YOU. In the followings we would like to share some information that can be helpful to make the best decision:

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Beginners guide for central heating

How to use central heating? How does the provider bill you for central heating? If you have ever been wondering about these questions, here you can find some key points you need to know.

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Long term vs. short term rentals

Let’s begin by clearing up a misconception! Long term and short term
rentals differ mostly not only in the duration of time a property is
being rented, but also in the type of the activity. Let’s take a look at
them one by one.

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5 things you should pay attention to when moving in 

Moving day is as stressful of an event as it is exciting for most of us. Many people are so overwhelmed by the packing and carrying stuff accross town, their only wish is to finally be over it. No wonder, that oftentimes when we move in to a new place we forget to pay attention to detail - and regret it later. That’s why we decided to put together an article in which we give you five tips to make moving day a bit less of a hassle.

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Current Real Estate Tendencies in Debrecen

Between 2014 and 2019 Hungary’s Real Estate prices have skyrocketed at nearly sixty eight percent. However, by the summer of 2019, the constant rise of prices have slowed down, and a market adjustment began, especially when it comes to blocks of flats. 

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With great power comes great electricity bills

Surely, you’ve had times when, at the time of receiving your utility bills you looked at the charge and said:  this can’t be my bill. The provider must’ve miscalculated or sent you someone else’s bill. But is that so?

Below you’ll find a few tips and tricks to help you keep those charges at bay so you’ll see no surprises when you check your invoices.

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The unwritten rules of renting

Rules of renting vary culture by culture. Coming to a foreign country, trying to find your way by yourself is hard enough, let alone figuring out what your hungarian landlord expects from you. Below you will find some tips (or dare I say lifehacks) to help you navigate in the world of renting in Debrecen.

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